Conférence de David Palumbo-Liu à l’EHESS : « Resisting containment: Antifascism and Movements of support to the Palestinians in Trump’s America »

Une séance exceptionnelle du Séminaire IISMM : « Penser l’expérience palestinienne » à l’EHESS sera organisée conjointement avec l’AURDIP. Elle aura lieu vendredi 18 mai 2018, de 18h à 20h à l’EHESS, salle Lombard (96 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris).

L’Orateur est le Professeur David Palumbo-Liu (Stanford University). Il parlera de

« Resisting containment: Antifascism and Movements of support to the Palestinians in Trump’s America »

Résumé de l’intervention : The political situation in the United States is increasingly fraught and complex. Under the presidency of Donald Trump, one is continually presented with the unexpected and the unprecedented. Nevertheless, without a doubt, one of the most constant elements of his regime is a commitment to white supremacy, and the notion that the US is fundamentally a white Christian nation. At the same time, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has embraced the Trump regime, despite the pronounced anti-semitism of white supremacists. Political expediency has thus trumped ideological purity, and we see both the US and Israel accommodating ethno-nationalism; which can be seen as a form of fascism.
It would seem only logical then that a critique of Israeli state policies would be commensurate with a critique of any ethno-nationalist project, regardless of its precise location. One could easily think too of Modi’s India, and the suppression of Kashmir. Nevertheless, a critique has been mounted both in the US and especially in Israel that anti-fascist activism and pro-Palestinian activism are mutually exclusive. My talk will try to explain how and why that critique has been mounted, and remind us of why the two projects are actually entirely compatible.