9th Call for project proposals in Research and Higher Education – 2014

Deadline for submission has been extended to 20th March 2014.

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AURDIP | 24 janvier 2014 |

The Al-Maqdisi programme aims at strengthening cooperation and scientific and academic exchanges between French and Palestinian researchers and research laboratories.

The current call for proposals concerns projects (in hard or social sciences) that can include theoretical research, research for development, training for research, industrial applications and partnerships with the private sector. A strong focus will be put on the quality of scientific outputs and results of the projects (publications, patents, etc).

The call for proposals follows a procedure guaranteeing the scientific quality of operations and benefiting from the active support of both governments.
In coordination with the policy of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, special attention will be given to research projects related to Health, Agronomics, Engineering, Environmental sciences and Social sciences. These are the priority areas for the project proposals. Nevertheless, proposals in other fields may be taken into consideration should their scientific quality be considered outstanding.

Other elements will be considered positively in the selection process:

– projects aiming at the creation of an International Associated laboratory (“laboratory without walls”), pooling together human and material resources of both partner teams towards a common, jointly-defined project;

– the involvement of researchers from several Palestinian universities and of one or several local companies;

– projects involving co-funding.

This call for proposals is open to all research and higher education bodies. The working experience of the project leaders, the coherence of the proposed approach, as well as the importance of the expected outcomes will be examined closely. After independent evaluations by a French scientific committee and a Palestinian one, the final selection will be made by a joint committee co-chaired by the Head of Cooperation (or, by delegation, by the Academic Cooperation Attaché) on the French side and, on the Palestinian side, by an official of the Ministry of Higher Education. The selected projects will obtain funding from both the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research


– January 08, 2014 | Call for proposals opens

– February 26, 2014 | Call for proposals closes (Deadline for submission has been extended to 20th March 2014)

– June – July, 2014 | Selected list of proposals published online

– September 01, 2014 | Beginning of the projects

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