Urgent Message From Umm al-Khair

A grave and harrowing crisis is unfolding in the South Hebron Hills, demanding the utmost urgency and gravity. Settlers, masquerading as a military force, have launched a barbaric assault on Susyiah village. They have subjected the inhabitants, including innocent children, to brutal and violent attacks. These aggressors have issued a menacing ultimatum: if the villagers do not vacate within 24 hours, they vow to return and perpetrate murder.

Over the past three weeks, Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills have endured a relentless wave of terrorism. The absence of accountability, scrutiny, and media coverage has granted settlers carte blanche to commit heinous acts of murder, arson, demolition, destruction, theft, poisoning, and unrelenting terror. They are exploiting this crisis for their own gain.

The situation is so dire that ten villages have been compelled to forsake their ancestral lands and flee in abject fear. Susyiah village now stands as the next target. We urgently beseech you to intervene without delay and bring this horrific nightmare to a halt. What is occurring at this very moment is an echo of the Nakba and the tragic events of 1948, unfolding before the gaze of the world. We cannot stand idly by as this continues. Immediate, unwavering, and decisive action is imperative to prevent further catastrophe.

We implore you to harness the full weight of your resolve and influence. The people of Susyiah and the entire South Hebron Hills region need your support and intervention like never before. Let us unite and stand resolutely against this grave injustice. Together, we can bring an end to this nightmare and avert an impending catastrophe.


Umm al-Khair.