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Who will stop Israel’s illegal annexations of Palestinian land ?

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) condemns Israel’s plans to annex and expand illegal settlements in the West Bank, actions that constitute war crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention. Third countries must uphold international law for the Palestinian people, or it will eventually cease to exist. FIDH call on all states to deploy all the necessary efforts in order to end Israel’s settler-colonialism and apartheid, and work towards the realisation of the Palestinian people’s rights to self-determination.

States and companies must end arms transfers to Israel immediately or risk responsibility for human rights violations: UN experts

GENEVA (20 June 2024) – The transfer of weapons and ammunition to Israel may constitute serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws and risk State complicity in international crimes, possibly including genocide, UN experts said today, reiterating their demand to stop transfers immediately.

Without Fear or Favour: For an Effective International Criminal Court

Germany, like any other State Party to the Rome Statute, would thus be obliged under international law, and would be capable under German law, to arrest any person against whom the ICC has issued an arrest warrant, be it President Putin or, in future, perhaps one of the Hamas leaders, Defence Minister Gallant or Prime Minister Netanyahu. The opposing view not only misrepresents the current state of international law, but it also contradicts the Nuremberg legacy, which must be upheld particularly by Germany. Moreover, this view disregards the public statement by the German Federal Minister of Justice that President Putin would be arrested in Germany and surrendered to the ICC. If the same were not to apply in the case of an arrest warrant for an Israeli Prime Minister, Germany would be exposed to the accusation of applying double standards and acting à la tête du client, depending on how close its relationship was to the home State of the person wanted.

The Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences calls for Israel to be excluded from the Olympics and Paralympics of Paris

The board of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences of the Universitat de València has unanimously approved the exclusion of Israel from the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The faculty’s management believes that allowing the State of Israel to participate is a tacit acceptance of its crimes against humanity.

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS-KNAW): Standing up for academic freedoms for all scholars.

As a research institute we choose not to issue general political statements, although we obviously condemn all violence against civilians. We are specifically concerned with situations in which academic freedoms are under threat, including those that have followed upon the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th and the Israeli war in Gaza, in particular the scholasticide or total devastation of the academic infrastructure in Gaza.