Who is AURDIP?

AURDIP (Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine) is a French organisation of academics created in conjunction with the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel PACBI and the British organisation BRICUP.

Aims of AURDIP

AURDIP has two main missions:

  1. To promote the application of international law in Israel and Palestine, and in particular oppose the occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel, the colonization in the West Bank, and the blockade of Gaza, which flout with impunity international conventions on human rights, United Nations resolutions and decisions of the International Court of Justice.
  2. To defend the Palestinians’ right to education, and to support the staff and students of Palestinian universities in defending this right.

To this end, AURDIP proposes, in liaison with organisations and individuals pursuing the same goals, in France and abroad:

  • To put pressure on European governments to suspend cooperation agreements between the European Union and Israel until the Israeli government respects its obligations under international law.
  • To encourage academics to question their professional links with Israeli academic and cultural institutions as long as the Israeli government does not respect its obligations under international law. This questioning can take various forms, such as refusing to take part in scientific meetings in Israel or in institutional collaboration between France and Israel, particularly with regard to military applications.
  • Taking part, in universities and professional organisations, in information work on the situation in Palestine and the realities of the occupation and colonisation.