Petition to the American Historical Association RE: Gaza, Islamic University’s Oral History Center

As members of the American Historical Association, we feel an urgent need to take a principled stand in response to the attack on Gaza, calling on like-minded colleagues to join us and sign this petition (below). Please identify your name, affiliation, email, and city/state.

Considering that the American History Association (AHA) is dedicated to the “preservation of historical documents and artifacts… [and] the broadening of historical knowledge among the general public; and the pursuit of kindred activities in the interest of history”;

Taking into account the AHA’s statement approved on January 07, 2007 in which the AHA declares it “should stand ready if political or commercial concerns threaten the professional administration of an archive, historical society or other institution that has custody of sources”;

Recognizing that historical records concerning the expulsion of the Palestinian population from what is now Israel and the territories occupied in 1967 is predominately preserved as oral history at the Islamic University in Gaza;

Acknowledging that the Israeli Defense Forces admitted on August 2, 2014, to attacking the Islamic University in Gaza, where the Oral History Center is housed;

Cognizant of the Oral History Association’s (OHA) resolution condemning the actions of the State of Israel and implementing measures which express the OHA’s condemnation of threats to Palestinian historical records;

Be it hereby resolved that the AHA condemns the threats of the State of Israel against Palestinian researchers and the preservation of their archival collections at the Oral History Center; and Calls on members of the AHA to:

1) End collaboration with Israeli academic institutions by refusing to teach at, attend conferences, speak at, or attend other events hosted by Israeli academic institutions;

2) Abstain from publishing work in academic journals based in Israel;

3) Refuse to collaborate with Israeli academic institutions or persons acting as representatives of such institutions;

and Establishes that the AHA will maintain its boycott of Israeli institutions until such time as Israel:

1) Withdraws from the territories occupied in 1967 and dismantles the settlements and the walls;

2) Recognizes the fundamental rights of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel and grants them full equality and political inclusion;

3) Recognizes the Palestinian right of return in accordance with established principles of international law, including those under the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human rights.