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Cartoonists And Comics Workers Tell Comics Industry: ‘No Business As Usual With Israel’

Statement of solidarity:

We want to express our grief and outrage at the slaying of five cartoonists, Wolinski, Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Honoré, among many others, at the Charlie Hebdo offices. These horrific acts of violence compel us to act even more urgently for a world where the dignity, freedom, and equality of all people are respected and promoted. We reaffirm that the Palestinian boycott movement is one important step towards that vision, and we hope that you will continue to join us in this movement.

In MLA straw vote, the winds shift– for Palestine

It has been a major pillar of the case made by opponents of the boycott that even institutional boycotts violate the academic freedom of individual scholars->]. Yet it was precisely that argument that the Delegate Assembly rejected, as its straw poll revealed. While opponents repeated again and again the mantra that it is impossible to distinguish the individual from the institution, boycott proponents pointed out that we daily make the distinction between officials who represent an institution and scholars who are conducting their own research, even when the same person may play both roles. They pointed out that [PACBI guidelines safeguard, with exceptional care, the academic freedom of Israeli scholars who directly or indirectly benefit from Palestinian oppression and dispossession, to the extent of affirming their right to teach and research, travel, publish and participate in conferences with institutional subsidies.