Letters to the Technion: Cancel Arms Export Course!

The Technion, Israel’s leading academic institution is now offering a course for arms exports and defense industries’ officers, aimed to teach them about how to form a strategy for defense exports for international markets, to upgrade their knowledge and specialty in the field of international arms trade. While this course is the first of it’s kind in the Technion, it is definitely not the first time the Israeli academy meets militarism and arms trade. Lectures, Courses with military industries and career days featuring career options in the military industries are all part of the bigger picture of the Israeli academy’s involvement in fueling blooded conflicts.

Sign our petition and we will turn your signature to an actual post letter (envelope and all) and deliver it straight to the Technion.

The petition:

Please, discontinue your offered course “Defense Strategy for International Markets”. This course, designed for workers in military industries wishing to broaden and upgrade their knowledge and business success in the field, stains your entire institution’s integrity. Israeli military industries fuel conflicts around the world, and their products are key to almost all mass killers, dictators and those involved in genocides today. The industry’s success is in fact based on a marketing system marketing its success in asymmetrical warfare against the Palestinian civilian population, at the expense of the Israeli taxes, the environment, and civil society. Do not cave in to militarism in the academy, do not reopen the arms export course!

Sign here https://goo.gl/forms/cX5IdxTs2ULQw3A82