Dried Up: Mekorot’s Involvement in the Israeli Occupation

In this report, Who Profits highlights the role of Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, in facilitating the dispossession and displacement of Palestinian communities on both sides of the Green Line – an embedded dispossession utilized to bolster Israel’s settlement enterprise and economic growth, and contingent on exploiting occupied natural resources and violating Palestinian and Syrian rights.

Through various methods – including land appropriation, building restrictions, closure policies, and the continuous pillage of occupied land – the Israeli regime has woven a tangled web of military laws and economic policies serving its geopolitical and economic interests while keeping the Palestinian economy in a perpetual state of de-development and subordination to the Israeli economy. This has had devastating ecological impacts, with Palestinian and Syrian water resources exploited and appropriated for the benefit of Israeli citizens on both sides of the Green Line.

Israel’s national water company, Mekorot, is a central facilitator of this embedded dispossession, systematically denying adequate Palestinian access to water, leading to structured dependency and the captivity of the Palestinian water sector. In a world increasingly concerned by the disastrous impact of global warming and water scarcity, Mekorot plays an integral role in the development of the Israeli occupation economy by positioning Israel as a global leader in the development of innovative technological solutions to global issues.

In this update, Who Profits highlights Mekorot’s role in facilitating the Israeli water policies used to promote Israel’s settlement expansion and the displacement of Palestinian communities, in service of an Israeli water sector contingent on the exploitation of occupied natural resources, and the violation of Palestinian and Syrian rights.

This update is a follow-up to Who Profit’s previous report Mekorot’s Involvement in the Israeli Occupation.

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