American Quarterly : Shifting Geographies of Knowledge and Power: Palestine and American Studies

American Quarterly
Volume 67, Number 4, December 2015

Editor’s Note
Mari Yoshihara

This issue features the first forum undertaken since the editorial office of American Quarterly relocated to Hawai‘i. We began our editorship on the heels of the ASA resolution on the academic and cultural boycott of Israel, which generated intense debates on Israel–Palestine relations, the United States’ role in the conflict, and how American studies as an academic field and the ASA as a professional organization might engage the issue. The resolution has drawn unprecedented national and international attention to the ASA, and while many critics in and outside the academy vocally objected to the resolution, a number of academic associations followed suit in similarly endorsing the boycott of Israel. The heated debates on the issue continue, as they should. The AQ editorial team wanted to use this as an occasion to think further about the place of Palestine in American studies, both engaging the significance of the boycott resolution and also moving beyond it to frame the issue in broader historical, political, and economic contexts. We invited two scholar-activists with long involvement in and on Palestine, Rabab Abdulhadi and Dana M. Olwan, to co-convene the forum. They have done a brilliant job of soliciting essays by authors working in diverse fields who address the relevance of the question of Palestine to the projects of American studies.


Introduction: Shifting Geographies of Knowledge and Power: Palestine and American Studies
pp. 993-1006
Rabab Abdulhadi, Dana M. Olwan
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Solidarity with Palestine from Diné Bikéyah
pp. 1007-1015
Melanie K. Yazzie
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Black–Palestinian Solidarity in the Ferguson–Gaza Era
pp. 1017-1026
Kristian Davis Bailey
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Taking Risks, or The Question of Palestine Solidarity and Asian American Studies
pp. 1027-1037
Junaid Rana, Diane C. Fujino
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Borders Are Obsolete: Relations beyond the “Borderlands” of Palestine and US–Mexico
pp. 1039-1046
Leslie Quintanilla, Jennifer Mogannam
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Labor for Palestine: Challenging US Labor Zionism
pp. 1047-1055
Michael Letwin, Suzanne Adely, Jaime Veve
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The Islamophobia Industry and the Demonization of Palestine: Implications for American Studies
pp. 1057-1066
Hatem Bazian
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Zionism and Anti-Zionism: A Necessary Detour, Not a Final Destination
pp. 1067-1073
Keith P. Feldman
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Throwing Stones in Glass Houses: The ASA and the Road to Academic Boycott
pp. 1075-1083
Bill V. Mullen
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