The Gaza strip: the long term impact of the 2014 hostilities on women and girls


  • 299 women, of whom at least 16 were pregnant, and 197 girls were killed over the course of the 2014 summer hostilities in the Gaza Strip, and more than 2,000 women and hundreds of girls were injured (Protection Cluster and MoH).
  • At least 790 women were widowed as a result of the 2014 hostilities (Ministry of Women’s Affairs, 2015).
  • During the second half of 2014 the number of registered cases of maternal and neonatal mortality doubled compared to the first half of the year (UNFPA and UNRWA).
  • Approximately 24,300 girls and 22,900 women whose homes were destroyed or severely damaged during the
  • hostilities, remain displaced in precarious conditions (IDP Registration Survey, Q4 2015).
  • Over 8% of households in Gaza are headed by women (PCBS, 2015).
  • 28.6% of females in Gaza up to 49 years of age were married before they reached 18, and 2.6% before they reached 15 (PCBS, 2014).
  • More than 70% of households in Gaza receive 6-8 hours piped water once every two to four days, and the entire
    population suffers from scheduled electricity blackouts for 12-16 hours a day.
    l Approximately 20% of working age females in Gaza participate in the labour force, one of the lowest such rates
    in the world (PCBS, 2015).
    l The unemployment rate among females in Gaza in the third quarter of 2015 exceeded 63%, compared to 37%
    among males, and double the equivalent rate in 2007 (30%), prior to the imposition of the blockade (PCBS,