Tel Aviv University supports army, military companies

Tel Aviv University has awarded 2015 honorary fellowships to four Israeli army officials and military company directors involved in development of the Iron Dome system.

Tel Aviv University announced it is awarding 2015 honorary fellowships to four Israeli army officials and military company directors. The fellowships will be presented at a gala ceremony Thursday evening, to coincide with a meeting of the university’s Board of Governors.

Tel Aviv University notes that the honorary fellowships are awarded to the recipients “for their unprecedented contribution to the strength and security of Israel and its citizens; the determination and vision in developing the Iron Dome system in the face of numerous obstacles and difficulties; many years of activity in service of the state, in the framework of the Israeli army and defense industries; the personal example in promoting cooperation in scientific research for the security of Israel; and enhancing the reputation of Israel for technological ingenuity, which is a source of pride for Jewish communities throughout the world.

Those receiving the honorary fellowships:

  1. Brigadier General (res.) Dr. Daniel Gold: Former Head of Research & Development at the Israeli defence ministry and army; Head of National Research and Development; CEO andFounder of Gold R&D Technology and Innovation; initiator of the Iron Dome project.
  2. Natan Barak: Established and commanded the Israeli navy’s Information and Communication Technology division; responsible for development of operational warfare software; CEO and Founder of MPrest Systems Ltd. and head of the Iron Dome’s command and control.
  3. Yossi Druker: Vice President and General Manager of the Air Superiority Systems Division at the Israeli military company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems; extensive experience in managing and developing missiles and missile systems, including hardware and software development; involved in development and management of the Iron Dome system.
  4. Lieutenant Colonel (res.) Eyal Shapira: Served as a reserve duty battalion commander in the Israeli military’s northern command; works at Elta Systems, a subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industries.