PACBI salutes over 200 Brazilian Intellectuals for Joining the Academic Boycott of Israel

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) salutes Brazilian professors and researchers for their principled solidarity with our struggle for freedom and justice. In just….

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) salutes Brazilian professors and researchers for their principled solidarity with our struggle for freedom and justice. In just three days, an online letter endorsing the academic boycott of Israeli institutions, circulated by Brazilian intellectuals, received as much as 200 signatories from faculty across Brazilian universities. We are inspired by this public outpouring of support.

The letter was signed by well-known academics, including Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, professor and former UN rapporteur as well as B. Boris Vargaftig, physician and pharmacologist, and one of the most internationally quoted Brazilian academics. In the letter, signatories reaffirmed their “commitment to social justice and against all forms of racism” and pledged to “support the campaign for academic boycott of Israel in the terms proposed by the BDS movement.” [1]

By publically committing to isolate Israeli academic institutions these academics deepen the long-standing support that Brazilian individuals, movements and unions continue to provide for our struggle against the Israeli settler colonial and apartheid regime. Brazilian allies have long been at the forefront of campaigns to boycott Israeli military companies.

Through these campaigns, Brazilian comrades continue to demonstrate that solidarity with the oppressed is the most politically and morally sound contribution to the struggle to end oppression. And this solidarity begins with ending support for the Israeli settler colonial and apartheid system. We salute all the individuals and organizations that worked tirelessly to achieve this latest victory. Outstanding displays of international solidarity such as this, which make that clear there will be no business as usual with organizations that are complicit Israel’s racist policies and systematic violation of Palestinians’ basic human rights, are the most effective way to contribute to ending Israel’s multi-tiered oppression of the Palestinian people.


[1] Full letter & list of signatories:

Letter of Support for the Academic Boycott of Israel

Launched in 2005, the objective of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) is to pressure Israel to honor International Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The campaign demands the end of the occupation and colonization of all Arab territories and the dismantling of the Wall; the recognition of the fundamental rights of Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and the respect, protection and promotion of the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in Resolution 194 of the United Nations.

Among the activities organized by BDS are the academic and cultural boycotts. According to their organizers, “artists and cultural institutions from around the world can send a clear message to Israel that its occupation and discrimination against Palestinians is unacceptable. In particular, the academic boycott could have a significant impact on the institutions responsible for promoting the theories and knowledge necessary for the continuation of Israel’s politics of occupation and discrimination”.

Important academic organizations around the world have adhered to the boycott campaign such as the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) and the American Studies Association. Professors and researchers from various countries have supported BDS such as the more than 500 British academics who signed a manifesto of support with respect to the campaign. Student associations and teachers’ unions have approved resolutions supporting the campaign.

The professors and researchers who sign below, reaffirming their commitment to social justice and against all forms of racism, including antisemitism, declare their support for the campaign for academic boycott of Israel in the terms proposed by the BDS movement.

New Brazilian supporters should send an email to boicoteacdemico[at]

Signed (in alphabetical order):

1. Adma Muhana (professora USP)

2. Adrián Pablo Fanjul (professor USP)

3. Alba Tereza B. de Castro (Professora UERJ)

4. Alexandre Araujo Costa (professor UECE)

5. Alice Franca Leite (professora UFRJ)

6. Alvaro Bianchi (professor Unicamp)

7. Ana Amelia da Silva (professora PUC-SP)

8. Ana Paula Ornellas Mauriel (professora UFF)

9. Anderson Deo (professor da UNESP)

10. Angela Maria Carneiro Araújo (professor Unicamp)

11. Antonio Carlos Mazzeo (professor USP)

12. Antonio Pedro Tota (professor PUCSP)

13. Arlete Moyses Rodrigues (professora Unicamp)

14. Armando Boito Junior (professor Unicamp)

15. Atenágoras Oliveira Duarte (professor UFPE)

16. B. Boris Vargaftig (professor aposentado ICB-USP)

17. Bruno Huberman (pesquisadora Unesp, Unicamp e PUCSP)

18. Caio Navarro de Toledo (professor Unicamp)

19. Camila Mantovani Dias (pesquisadora UFSCar)

20. Carlos Barros Montez (professor UFSC)

21. Carlos Zacarias de Sena Júnior (professor UFBA)

22. Carlos Zeron (professor USP)

23. Caroline Cotta de Mello Freitas (professora FESP)

24. Claudicelio Rodrigues da Silva (professor UFC)

25. Cláudio Beserra de Vasconcelos (professor Seeduc/RJ)

26. Claudio H. M. Batalha (professor Unicamp)

27. Cláudio Rezende Ribeiro (professor UFRJ)

28. Clayton Mendonça Cunha Filho

29. Cristian Koliver (professor UFSC)

30. Daniel Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Lemos (professor UFJF)

31. Daniela Mussi (pesquisadora Unicamp)

32. Danilo Enrico Martuscelli (professor UFFS)

33. Davide Carbonai (professor UFRGS)

34. Demian Melo (professor UFF)

35. Dermeval Saviani (professor Unicamp)

36. Dileno Dustan Lucas de Souza (professor UFJF)

37. Eduardo Mei (professor Unesp)

38. Elaini C. G. Silva (professora PUCSP)

39. Elidio Alexandre Borges Marques, professor da UFRJ

40. Elie Ghanem (professor USP)

41. Emir Sader (professor UERJ)

42. Enrique Ortega (professor Unicamp)

43. Eurelino Coelho (professor UEFS)

44. Fabio Ricardo Reis De Macedo (Professor UFRRJ)

45. Faruk Mustafa Zahra (analista de sistemas)

46. Felipe Demier (professor UERJ)

47. Filipe Raslan (professor CEFET-MG)

48. Flávio de Castro (cientista social-SP)

49. Flávio Miranda (Professor UFRRJ)

50. Francirosy Campos Barbosa (professora USP)

51. Francisco Foot Hardman (professor Unicamp)

52. Francisco Mata-Machado Tavares (professor UFG)

53. Gilberto Calil (professor Unioeste)

54. Giorgio Romano Schutte (professor UFABC)

55. Giovanni Frizzo (professor UFPel)

56. Gisele Fonseca Chagas (professora UFF)

57. Gleice Antonia de Oliveira (historiadora – AM)

58. Gustavo Acioli Lopes (professor UFRPE)

59. Gustavo Arja Castañon (professor UFJF)

60. Héctor Luis Saint-Pierre (professor Unesp)

61. Heloisa Buarque de Almeida – FFLCH –

62. Henrique Amorim (professor UNIFESP)

63. Henrique Carneiro (professor USP)

64. Homero Santiago (professor USP)

65. Ieda Maria Alves (professor FFLCH)

66. Igor Fuser (professor da UFABC)

67. Ingrid Sarti (professora Ufrj)

68. Irineu Brum (professor UFRGS)

69. Itamar Ferreira (professor Unicamp)

70. Ivo Tonet (professor Ufal)

71. Jaime César Coelho (professor UFSC)

72. Jean Paulo Pereira de Menezes (pesquisador Unesp)

73. João Adolfo Hansen (professor USP)

74. João Carlos Bezerra de Melo (economista Centro Internacional Celso Furtado de Políticas para o Desenvolvimento)

75. João Feres Jr. (professor Iesp-UERJ)

76. João Fernando Finazzi (pesquisador Unesp, Unicamp, PUCSP)

77. João Quartim de Moraes (professor Unicamp)

78. Jorge Grespan (professor USP)

79. Jorge Luiz Nery de Santana (professor da UEFS)

80. José Antonio Vasconcelos (professor USP)

81. José Arbex Jr. (professor PUCSP)

82. José Victor Regadas Luiz (professor Fundação Oswaldo Cruz)

83. Josué Pereira da Silva (professor Unicamp).

84. Júlia Monnerat Barbosa (professora Unifap)

85. Jussaramar da Silva (pesquisadora PUCSP)

86. Katia Marro (professora da UFF-RO)

87. Laércio Cabral Lopes (professor UFRJ)

88. Laura Souza Fonseca (professora UFRGS)

89. Leandro de Oliveira Galastri (professor Unesp)

90. Leda Verdiani Tfouni (professora USP)

91. Leon Kossovitch (professor USP)

92. Leonardo Schiocchet (pesquisador Austrian Academy of Sciences Institute for Social Anthropology)

93. Lilia Guimarães Pougy (professora UFRJ)

94. Lorene Figueiredo (professora UFF)

95. Luana de Souza Siqueira (professora UFRJ)

96. Luciana Andrade (professora UFRJ).

97. Luciana Tatagiba (professora Unicamp)

98. Luciano Cavini Martorano (professor UNIFAL-MG)

99. Luciano Rodrigues de Souza Coutinho (Professor UFRJ)

100. Lúcio Flávio Rodrigues de Almeida (professor PUC-SP)

101. Luena Nunes Pereira (Professora UFRRJ)

102. Luís Felipe Miguel (professor UnB)

103. Luiz Bernardo Pericás (professor USP)

104. Luiz Cesar Marques Filho (professor Unicamp)

105. Luiz Eduardo Motta (professor UFRJ)

106. Luiz Henrique Schuch (professor UFPEL)

107. Luiz Martins Filho (professor UFABC)

108. Maelison Silva Neves (professor UFMT)

109. Malu Duriguetto (professora UFJF)

110. Manoela da Silva Pedroza, professora da UFRJ

111. Mansur Lutfi (professor aposentado Unicamp)

112. Maracajaro Mansor (professor UFF)

113. Marcelo Badaró Mattos (professor UFF)

114. Marcelo Buzetto (professor Centro Universitário Fundação Santo André)

115. Marcelo Melo (professor UFRJ)

116. Marcia Rangel Candido (pesquisadora Iesp-UERJ)

117. Marcos A. Pereira (professor Unicamp)

118. Marcos Del Roio (professor UNESP)

119. Maria Cristina Martins (professora UFRGS)

120. Maria do Céu de Lima (professora UFC)

121. Maria Helenice Araújo Costa (professora Uece)

122. Maria Orlanda Pinassi (professora Unesp)

123. Maria Regina de Avila Moreira (professora UFSC)

124. Maria Ribeiro do Valle (professora Unesp)

125. Maria Rosa Navarro (professora aposentada Unicamp)

126. Mariana dos Santos Parra (Universidade de Deusto, Bilbao)

127. Mário Jorge da Motta Bastos (professor UFF)

128. Maristela Dal Moro (professora UFRJ)

129. Markos Klemz Guerrero (professor da UFRRJ)

130. Matheus Cardoso da Silva (pesquisador USP)

131. Mauro Iasi (professor UFRJ)

132. Michelangelo Marques Torres (professor do Centro Paula Souza)

133. Milton Pinheiro (professor da Uneb)

134. Mirla Cisne (professora UERN)

135. Morena Gomes Marques Soares (professora UNIRIO)

136. Muna Omran (professora UFF)

137. Nadia Farage (professora Unicamp)

138. Newton Narciso Gomes Júnior (professor UnB)

139. Nicholas Davies (professor UFF)

140. Osvaldo Coggiola (professor USP)

141. Osvaldo Maciel (professor UFAL)

142. Pablo Ortellado (professor USP)

143. Paula Marcelino (professora USP)

144. Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro (professor USP)

145. Pedro Fassoni Arruda (professor da PUCSP)

146. Pedro Marinho (pesquisador MAST)

147. Rafael Barros Vieira (pesquisador PUC-Rio)

148. Rafael Rezende (pesquisador Iesp-UERJ)

149. Raphael Góes Furtado (Professor UFES)

150. Raphael Tsavkko Garcia (pesquisador Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao)

151. Raquel Varela (professora UFF, investigadora UNL)

152. Regina Dalcastagnè (professora UnB)

153. Regina Simoes Barbosa (Professora UFRJ )

154. Reginaldo Mattar Nasser (professor PUCSP)

155. Renata Lucia Baptista Flores (professora UFRJ)

156. Renata Vereza (professora UFF)

157. Renato da Silva Queiroz (professor USP)

158. Renato Domingues Fialho Martins (professor CEFET-RJ)

159. Renato Valois Cordeiro (professor UFRRJ)

160. Ricardo Antunes (professor Unicamp)

161. Ricardo da Gama Rosa Costa (historiador)

162. Rima Awada Zahra (psicóloga)

163. Rita Chaves (professora USP)

164. Rivânia Moura (Professora UERN)

165. Roberto della Santa (professor UEL)

166. Roberto Horácio de Sá Pereira (professor UFRJ)

167. Roberto Leme Batista (Unespar-PR)

168. Roberto Rittner Neto (professor Unicamp)

169. Robson Sávio Reis Souza (professor PUC-MG).

170. Rodrigo Augusto Duarte Amaral (pesquisador Unesp-Unicamp-PUCSP).

171. Rodrigo Nery (professor da Faculdade Joaquim Nabuco)

172. Rodrigo Ricupero (professor USP)

173. Romero Venâncio (UFS)

174. Romildo Bomfim (professor UFRJ)

175. Ronaldo do Livramento Coutinho (professor aposentado UERJ)

176. Ronaldo Rosas Reis (professor UFF)

177. Rosana Pithan (pesquisadora do instituto de Economia Agrícola)

178. Rui Mesquita (professor UFPE)

179. Ruy Braga (professor USP)

180. Sara Granemann (professora UFRJ)

181. Sávio Cavalcante (professor Unicamp)

182. Sean Purdy (professor USP)

183. Sibele Fausto (bibliotecária USP)

184. Sílvio Gallo (professor Unicamp)

185. Simone Silva (pesquisadora UFRJ)

186. Sofia Manzano – Professora da UESB

187. Stella Senra (professora aposentada PUCSP)

188. Susan A. de Oliveira (professora UFSC)

189. Tânia Mara Franco (professora CEFET- RJ)

190. Tercio Redondo (professor USP)

191. Valéria Gil Condé (professora USP)

192. Vanderlei Elias Nery (professor UNICSUL)

193. Vanessa Tavares de Jesus Dias (professora UNIFAL-MG)

194. Vera Lucia Navarro (professora USP)

195. Vinícius Correia Santos (professor Uesb)

196. Virginia Fontes (professora UFF)

197. Viviane Becker Narvaes (professora Unirio)

198. Wagner Romão (professor Unicamp)

199. Wilma Martins de Mendonça (professora UFPB)

200. Wilson Cano (professor Unicamp)