Keep Rani Burnat Rolling

Replace Rani Burnat’s wheelchairs and camera broken by Israeli soldiers in Bil’in Village, West Bank

Short Summary

Rani Burnat from Bil’in Village in the West Bank, has been participating in and documenting the village’s weekly protests against the wall and settlements for nearly a decade. Rani takes photographs and writes a summary of the protests and posts it online keeping hundreds around the world updated on Bil’in. Rani does all this in a wheelchair because he was shot by an Israeli army sniper during a student demonstration in Ramallah on the second day of the second intifada, September 30, 2000.

In recent months Rani’s wheelchairs and camera have been broken during attacks by Israeli soldiers at the weekly protests. On June 7th 2014 Israeli soldiers attacked a group of journalists at the demonstration, including Rani, and broke their cameras. A few weeks later on July 14th, 2014, Israeli soldiers beat Rani again; this time breaking his last remaining ‘backup’ wheelchair. Rani’s more suitable chair had been broken for a while, which has happened many times before, either because of attacks or because the village’s rugged terrain is too rough on it.

Rani does not receive financial assistance due to his injuries though he needs and pays for care beyond these two wheelchairs. Along with his wife Hanadi he is also raising a set of 5 year old triplets, two girls and a boy, which leaves little extra time and funds for his own care. Their home is always a welcoming place for anyone coming to Bil’in from around the world and this campaign is a way of returning a bit of their generous hospitality.

A group of friends has stepped in to ensure Rani gets the wheelchairs replaced ASAP but this time we need financial support to do this. We’d also like to see Rani’s camera replaced and give him and his family further support as well. This would mean that at least in the near future and especially during these turbulent days they can have a little peace of mind and keep doing all the great things they already do.

What We Need & What You Get

Where your funding will go:

$3,000 will get Rani a new suitable wheelchair.

$1,500 will replace Rani’s spare wheelchair.

$4,500 will replace Rani’s camera.

$6,000 would allow Rani a better level of care and his family basic financial security for the next year or so.

$15,000 TOTAL

If the goal isn’t reached, all the money raised (minus indiegogo and bank charges) will be spent in the order listed above: wheelchairs first, then camera (so Rani can keep working) and anything extra will go to cover ongoing medical costs and basic financial security.

Because of the time and costs involved in giving perks to funders we’ve decided to avoid them in order to ensure that the maximum percentage of funding goes right to Rani and his family. But, funders and supporters and encouraged to:

1. Email Rani at raniab281[at] and ask to sign up for his news updates.

2. Check out a website setup by friends for periodic updates at :

3. Visit Bil’in! Pay Rani a visit and you will undoubtedly receive generous hospitality along with a good laugh.

The Impact

As the economy and social assistance in Palestine is in shambles there are many Palestinian individuals and families in great need of similar support. During this time of Israel’s war on Gaza we especially encourage you to support Palestinians there as well. Still, your support for Rani’s young family will mean ensuring his health, mobility and employment. It helps further the family along the path to becoming self-sustainable, something that should be a given for everyone, without having to ask for help. That is exactly what Rani is working toward, along with the hundreds of people he updates on Bil’in Village’s resistance and your contribution will keep him rolling!

Risks & Challenges

There are very few risks and challenges involved in this campaign because the friends of Rani who are managing it on the ground have completed all the necessary functions before. Also thanks to this platform all the funds will go directly into Rani’s bank account once the campaign has ended, so there will be no need for complicated international funds transfers, and Rani can get on with his life as quickly as possible.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize these are not the simples financial times for many, even outside of Palestine, so if you can’t contribute please talk about this campaign with your friends, family and any other group you take part in! Please also share it online using indiegogo’s share tool or just by copying and pasting where possible.

And finally, know your support and funding are both very much appreciated, THANK YOU!

If you’d like to contact us for any reason please send an email to: ronamerrill[at] or raniab281[at]