Forced Feeding Bill Approved: befits dark regimes

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel (PHR-Israel) on the Knesset Approval of Force-Feeding Bill

“This morning, the Israeli Knesset approved a shameful law, which reveals the real, anti-democratic face of its members. It pushes the medical community to severely violate medical ethics for political gains, as was done in other dark regimes in history. PHR-Israel will continue to oppose the law and its implementation.

The coming days are a litmus test for the medical community, which must refuse to serve as a medical fig leaf for torture. We will not wait for doctors or nurses to stumble and will not abandon them in this struggle. We are now faced with a horrendous law that turns medicine into a tool of policing, punishment and oppression. PHR-Israel will support anyone who will refuse to obey the law and will stand against any attempt to force-feed hunger strikers.