Don’t Pedal for Israeli Crimes: Tell Giro d’Italia to Steer Clear of Apartheid

Send a letter to the organizers of the famed Italian cycling race urging them to #RelocateTheRace from Israel

Organizers of the famed Italian cycling race Giro d’Italia have announced the start of the 2018 edition from Israel, starting in Jerusalem followed by stages from Haifa to Tel Aviv and in the Naqab (Negev).

The race will ‘celebrate’ the 70th anniversary of Israel’s establishment on the ruins of the Palestinian homeland and through the ethnic cleansing, or Nakba, of a majority of the indigenous Palestinians.

We have to act to stop this sports-washing of Israel’s occupation and apartheid, dubbed by the media as “a big political coup for [Israel], which has been striving to paint a picture of ‘normal’ life.”

Join us in telling organizers RCS to #RelocateTheRace
and cycle away from Israel’s occupation and apartheid.

The Giro d’Italia will serve to institutionalize Israel’s hold on Jerusalem. One Israeli official after another laid claims to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during the announcement ceremony, something no other country in the world recognizes. The Jerusalem Municipality is actively involved in the illegal gradual ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, including through home demolitions and forced expulsions as a matter of policy.

In the Naqab (Negev) in the south of present-day Israel, dozens of Palestinian Bedouin towns are refused recognition and basic services, and subjected to repeated demolitions, some over 100 times. Israel is also revoking the citizenship of Palestinian Bedouins for no reason, leaving them stateless.

Starting the race anywhere under Israel’s control will serve as a stamp of approval for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. Would the Giro d’Italia have considered starting a race in apartheid South Africa in the 1980s?

Take action now to pressure RCS to respect international law and relocate the race.

Fill out the form on the right to send a letter to RCS.

Let’s make sure RCS and cycling teams get the message: stop sports-washing Israel’s egregious human rights violations, move the race start to another country!

#RelocateTheRace Campaign