Columbia University in the City of New York Faculty Petition

As both scholars and community members, we are professionally, intellectually, and morally invested in our University. We deem it our duty to hold our institution accountable for the ethical implications….

As both scholars and community members, we are professionally, intellectually, and morally invested in our University. We deem it our duty to hold our institution accountable for the ethical implications of its own actions, notably its financial investments and their implications around the world. In particular, we take issue with our financial involvements in institutions associated with the State of Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian lands, continued violations of Palestinian human rights, systematic destruction of life and property, inhumane segregation and systemic forms of discrimination.

In 2002, faculty members across various departments called for an end to our investment in all firms that supplied Israel’s military with arms and military hardware. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff agreed to attach their name to a call to remove the State of Israel’s social license in its use of asymmetrical and excessive violence against Palestinian civilians.

We now stand with Columbia University Apartheid Divest, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine as well as with Jewish Voice for Peace in calling upon the University to take a moral stance against Israel’s violence in all its forms. We demand that the University divest from corporations that supply, perpetuate, and profit from a system that has subjugated the Palestinian people for over 68 years. We note that our position unequivocally stands in support of a non-violent movement privileging human rights as the only means toward finding a political resolution.

We call on our University to recognize its undeniable role in, and influence upon, global systems, a distinguished role that comes with a commensurately weighty measure of moral accountability.


  1. Nadia Abu El-Haj | Anthropology, Barnard
  2. Lila Abu Lughod | Anthropology, Columbia
  3. Gil Anidjar | Religion & MESAAS, Columbia
  4. Zainab Bahrani | Art History & Archaeology, Columbia
  5. Brian Boyd | Anthropology, Columbia
  6. Allison Busch | MESAAS, Columbia
  7. Partha Chatterjee | Anthropology & MESAAS, Columbia
  8. Hamid Dabashi | MESAAS, Columbia
  9. E. Valentine Daniel | Anthropology, Columbia
  10. Katherine Franke | Law, Columbia
  11. Victoria de Grazia | History, Columbia
  12. Robert Gooding-Williams | Philosophy & IRAAS, Columbia
  13. Stathis Gourgouris | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  14. Farah Griffin | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  15. Wael Hallaq | MESAAS, Columbia
  16. Marianne Hirsch | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  17. Jean Howard | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  18. Rashid Khalidi | History & MESAAS, Columbia
  19. Mahmood Mamdani | Anthropology & MESAAS, Columbia
  20. Joseph Massad | MESAAS, Columbia
  21. Brinkley Messick | Anthropology & MESAAS, Columbia
  22. Timothy Mitchell | MESAAS, Columbia
  23. Rosalind Morris | Anthropology, Columbia
  24. Frederick Neuhouser | Philosophy, Barnard
  25. Mae Ngai | History, Columbia
  26. Gregory Pflugfelder | History & EALAC, Columbia
  27. Sheldon Pollock | MESAAS, Columbia
  28. Elizabeth Povinelli | Anthropology, Columbia
  29. Wayne L. Proudfoot | Philosophy, Columbia
  30. Anupama Rao | History & Human Rights, Barnard
  31. Bruce Robbins | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  32. George Saliba | MESAAS, Columbia
  33. Dirk Salomons | SIPA, Columbia
  34. David Scott | Anthropology, Columbia
  35. Avinoam Shalem | Art History & Archaeology, Columbia
  36. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  37. Neferti Tadiar | Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Barnard
  38. Michael Taussig | Anthropology, Columbia
  39. Marc Van De Mieroop | History, Columbia
  40. Gauri Viswanathan | English & Comparative Literature, Columbia
  41. Paige West | Anthropology, Barnard
  42. Michael Harris | Mathematics, Columbia
  43. Jonathan Crary | Art History & Archaeology, Columbia
  44. Shamus Khan | Sociology, Columbia
  45. Zoe Crossland | Anthropology, Columbia
  46. Steven Gregory | Anthropology, Columbia
  47. James Schamus | Film, Columbia
  48. Abeer Shaheen | MESAAS, Columbia
  49. Elizabeth Bernstein | Sociology, Barnard
  50. J. Blake Turner | Psychiatry, Columbia
  51. Lydia Goehr | Philosophy, Columbia
  52. Danielle Haase-Dubosc | French & Romance Philology, Columbia
  53. Peter Marcuse | GSAPP, Columbia
  54. Gray Tuttle | EALAC, Columbia
  55. Rebecca Jordan-Young | Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Barnard
  56. Josh Whitford | Sociology, Columbia
  57. Ross Hamilton | English, Barnard
  58. Nora Awaki | GSAPP, Columbia
  59. Taylor Carman | Philosophy, Barnard

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