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Solidarity with the Palestinians: drop the charges against Alain Pojolat and all the accused activists

Filmmakers, writers, philosophers, sociologists, academics, artists, musicians and politicians are calling for charges to be dropped against Alain Pojolat and all the activists who are being put on trial for the demonstrations in support of Gaza this summer in Paris, and for the abrogation of the circular Alliot-Marie that criminalizes the boycott of Israel.

Gaza Situation – UNRWA Report

With 241,000 children back in UNRWA schools to continue their education, UNRWA now has a more accurate picture of the impact of the 50-day war on students and their families. Sadly, it has been confirmed that 138 students attending UNRWA schools were killed since 8 July. An additional 814 were injured and 560 have become orphans as a result of the recent hostilities.