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We condemn Israel’s killing of journalists in Gaza and urge integrity in Western media coverage of Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians.

Writers of the letter are a group of U.S.-based reporters at both local and national newsrooms. Some members of the group were also involved in a 2021 open letter outlining concerns with U.S. media coverage of Palestine.

All signatures have been verified. About 600 current and former journalists signed the letter as of its publication on Nov. 9, 2023. About 600 more have signed since, bringing the total to about 1200. All numbers have been updated as of Nov. 13, 2023.

More than 30 journalists have since asked to have their signatures removed, fearing reprisal from their employers. Those employers include the Associated Press, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, McClatchy, the Chicago Tribune, LAist, the Modesto Bee, KCRW, and KQED.