Source: Les Universitaires pour l’Égalité - Academia for Equality

[Academia for Equality->] is a members’ organization with five hundred active members and supporters based in Israel and in academic institutions all over the world. AfE is dedicated to principles of equality, inclusion, and democratization and to the values of an inclusive and accessible public education. AfE opposes policies of war, domination and military occupation in general and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in particular. We stand in solidarity with the struggle for academic freedom of Palestinian academics and address the complicity of Israeli academia with the occupation. AfE is critical of the dominant academic culture and of neo-liberal academic policies and wishes to form broad alliances to advance democratization and accountability and eradicate all forms of discrimination within Israeli academia and in society at large.

Supporting Professor Nathan Thrall’s Academic Freedom

The Executive Board of Academia for Equality wrote to Leon Botstein President of Bard College to commend him for standing firm in support of Professor Nathan Thrall, who is teaching the course “Apartheid in Israel-Palestine” at his college. Professor Thrall has come under attack by the Ulster Jewish Federation and several right-wing media outlets, who advanced the outrageous claim that the very title and existence of the course is antisemitic.

Academia for Equality’s letter to the President of the German Rectors’ Conference

We [the Board of Academia for Equality] wrote to the President of the German Rectors’ Conference as well as to the Members of the Executive Board and the General Assembly expressing our deep concern regarding their decision to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism.

In light of the increase in anti-Semitism as well as other forms of racism in Germany and beyond, we welcome and support all academic professionals and institutions initiatives to combat racism and bigotry. However, we maintain that the adoption of the IHRA definition neither serves the cause of combating anti-Semitism, nor does it protect its victims. We urge the German academic community to fight anti-Semitism while respecting legitimate support for Palestinian rights, without infringing the basic rights of free speech, expression and political association, while zealously protecting democratic spaces.

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