Trump’s Executive Order Abuses Federal Funding to Bully Universities Into Suppressing Freedom of Speech in Support of Palestinian Rights

| BNC |

Trump’s announced executive order (EO) would continue his dangerous attacks on hard-fought democratic rights.

Abusing federal funding to bully universities into suppressing academic freedom and freedom of speech in support of Palestinian rights under international law is anti-democratic and anti-Palestinian.

Palestinians call for cutting institutional ties with Israeli universities because they are partners in Israel’s apartheid regime and its crimes against Palestinians. Israeli universities are complicit in designing, implementing, justifying and whitewashing Israel’s system of racial oppression.

This EO is not about combatting antisemitism, but rather stifling criticism of Israel and ebbing the steady growth of accountability measures coming out of US campuses that give Palestinians hope.

We have no doubt that principled academics and students will continue to stand up to attacks on the rights to education and academic freedom, wherever they may occur.