Al-Maqdisi programme : Call for proposals 2017-2019

The Al-Maqdisi programme aims at strengthening cooperation and scientific and academic exchanges between French and Palestinian researchers and research laboratories.

The current call for proposals concerns projects that can include theoretical research, research for development, training for research, industrial applications and partnerships with the private sector. This call for proposals is open to all research and higher education laboratories belonging to higher education institutions, public research organizations or companies.

In coordination with the policy of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, special attention will be given to research projects related to environmental sciences, agronomics, health and engineering. These are the priority areas for the project proposals. However, proposals in other fields may be taken into consideration if their scientific quality is considered outstanding.

The working experience of the project leaders, the coherence of the proposed approach, as well as the importance of the expected outcomes will be examined closely during the selection process.

After independent evaluations, the final selection will be made by a joint committee. The selected projects will obtain funding for two years, from both, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR).

Only applications co-submitted by the French and Palestinian partners to the authorities in charge of the management of the program in their respective countries are declared eligible.

IMPORTANT: The French team has to follow Campus France application procedure by applying online on the Campus France website and for the Palestinian team, the application form must be sent via email to the Palestinian coordinator (siteadmin[at] and to the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem (xavier.sau[at]

For Palestinian teams, instructions and applications forms are available below.

application form Al-Maqdisi 2017-19

Instruction Al-Maqdisi 2017-2019 English

The page dedicated to Al-Maqdisi program instructions and applications for the French teams is available on the Campus France website at the following address:


March 15ht 2017: Launch of the call for proposals

June 1st 2017: Closure of the call for proposals

August 2017: Selected projects list published online

September 2017: Launch of the projects